Whiskey and Watches Episode #44 - Chase Fancher from Oak and Oscar


The guys (and special returning guest Ryan) sit down with Chase Fancher from Oak&Oscar. We talk about how he goes about designing a watch, what inspires him, and how he names his pieces. 

Spence  gives a brief review of the O&O Humboldt, which will be fully reviewed on Zeitz in the next week or so!

Chase is really working to not only build a brand (which you can see all of the design evolution on his website!) but also a community. The video series he has produced, the zoom happy hours he has done during the pandemic, and the owners gatherings each year (when there isnt a pandemic) are really fostering a community of enthusiasts for watches and his brand. 

We also get into a few cool stories about guests he has had, as well as some of the special pieces he has worked on. The story about the Jackson Flyback chronograph that was specially made for the coach of the US Gold Medal curling team and the process for making the collaboration with Wilson Baseball Gloves are two AMAZING stories that you will definitely appreciate.

We also talk about the latest release, the matte ceramic coated Olmstead. For the first time, the number 6 has made an appearance on a watch of his, and it looks awesome!

This is a fantastic conversation, and we cannot wait to see more from Oak&Oscar!


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