Reviewed: Uncle Seiko Flat Link Bracelet

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It’s 2020 and for the first time EVER, a company has decided to produce a faithful recreation of the fabled Omega 1035 bracelet. Now for most of you this may seem like a moot point, but for us Speedmaster owners, this has been something we’ve lusted over for years. Sure Omega has recently been producing these flat link style bracelets on watches such as the 50th anniversary Speedmaster, the 1957 trilogy models and most recently, the 321 equipped Ed White reissue. But you just can’t go and order those bracelets. And to go vintage meant having to shell out thousands of dollars to snag one of these famous bracelets.

But low and behold, Uncle Seiko (affectionately called everyones favorite uncle) has just produced reproduction bracelets for the price of just $89. That’s right, just 89 American dollars can get you something that used to cost thousands. And that’s not even the best part. If you’re looking for other vintage styled Omega bracelets Uncle Seiko has you covered there too! From the Holzer bracelet, to the beads of rice, to the also famous Omega 1171 style bracelet. I guess 2020 isn't as bad as we all thought it would be.

An “Ed White” Speedmaster with an actual 1035 bracelet (Credit: Bulang and Sons)

An “Ed White” Speedmaster with an actual 1035 bracelet (Credit: Bulang and Sons)

But this review is geared toward the flat link style, of which I happen to be the proud owner of as of today. And let me tell you, it’s the bee’s knees. Sure it’s jingly, has push pins, and hollow end links, but that’s what you NEED! These bracelets weren’t designed to the standards we have today and that’s why they have so much charm. The light feel on the wrist is balanced out perfectly with the heft of the watch itself which lends itself to the amazing experience these bracelets give on the wrist. And not to mention, the aesthetic is spot on. The Clasp is also vintage inspired, and while it doesn’t offer up a locking mechanism, you still feel a sturdy and reassuring click when you press down. Some people have even swapped out these clasps with vintage Omega ones to complete the look (if that’s your jam).

This is something the Omega Speedmaster enthusiast simply cannot pass up as it offers the best bargain while still staying true to the original. I give this bracelet a resounding thumbs up and I say you should snag one now, because once these take off, you may be waiting awhile to get your hands on one.

Link to Uncle Seiko’s Website can be found here.

Link to Omega Speedmaster Bracelets can be found here.

Link to the flat link bracelet can be found here.

Link to the Omega forum’s discussion can be found here.

Pictures of the Author’s Speedmaster on the brushed/polished option (click on the photo to see more pictures of the bracelet)

By: Evan Spangler


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