On the Wrist: The Sinn EZM 13

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There’s a sense of comfort that comes with wearing a watch like the Sinn EZM 13. I outlined the extreme technology this watch has in my overview of it, and all these extremes combine to make this watch a worry-free joy to have on the wrist. It’s a large watch for sure, both in weight and thickness, and it comes with the drawbacks that entails but the size feels purposeful for the watch and helps it fit into situations some large watches won’t. That’s really the essence of the Sinn EZM 13, a watch with purpose. It knows what it is and that lends it confidence and as we all know, confidence can be sexy.

When you first put the EZM 13 on, the size of the watch will be your first impression. It wears its 15mm of height proudly and the straight case does little to hide it. “A can on the wrist” wouldn’t be the wrong impression to have. It’s a heavy watch as well, especially on the stainless-steel bracelet. You feel it move with your wrist and it will remind you of its presence. The slope of the lugs, however, really helps the watch feel secure. Their short and steep sweep downwards help the watch hug the wrist and prevents it from getting top heavy. The thing is, this is almost something I would expect from a watch with all of the specifications this watch has. The weight makes the EZM 13 feel every bit as robust as its technologies make it.

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I won’t lie and say the EZM 13 is the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn but it’s still pretty darn comfy and a real joy to have on. The H-Link bracelet wears well and is very form fitting to the wrist. However, only three microadjusts and the lack of half-links will mean getting the perfect length can be elusive, especially if you like your watches to wear tight, like myself. Sinn’s destro feature, with the crown and pushers on the left side of the watch, is something you didn’t realize you needed until you’ve worn this watch for an extended period of time. It both gives the watch a unique look and provides an extra layer of comfort where you’ll never feel a crown stabbing into your hand or a pusher rubbing at your wrist.

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The EZM 13 is surprisingly adaptable when it comes to style. Of course, the most obvious place for this watch is while you’re experiencing your most rugged life, whether that would be yard work or camping. It is still excellent, though, for a lot of other daily settings. The matte black dial with white markers is extremely versatile and the red accents are subtle enough there are no worries of them clashing with your outfit. While it will never be understated on the wrist, the EZM 13’s 40mm watch face, 41.5mm if you include the bezel, means it’s not overbearing. It may not be able to pull off formal but on the bracelet it certainly can do business casual, especially if you’re a fan of a more rugged look. A plaid button down, a pair of nice jeans, and some Red Wing boots had this watch looking at home on my wrist. The watch wears very casually when it’s on a rubber strap. With shorts and a t-shirt, it fits right in with a day at the pool or a backyard grill out. An added bonus, between the chronograph and the bezel you can time your steaks and chicken simultaneously.

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My favorite aspect of the EZM 13, though, is its durability. Magnetic resistance, extreme temperature tolerances, and superior depth ratings might be overkill in my life. Actually, they’re completely overkill. If my city ever gets below -50 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m moving. It’s a comfort, though, knowing my watch could handle it. I don’t think twice about putting this watch through its paces like I might with other, less durable pieces. I don’t take it off to wash the dishes or to mow the lawn. That’s part of the reason why I feel comfortable even wearing a watch at this price point. For someone like me, working part time, going to college, and paying off a mortgage, this watch represents a significant purchase and if I didn’t know that it could keep ticking through whatever I could throw at it I don’t think I’d ever be able to bring myself to wear it. I think that comfort is something we look for in all aspects of our life. We don’t want a car that can just go the speed limit. We don’t want boots that keep out just enough water. We want more because, when the time comes, we want to know we will be able to rise up to the challenge and that our treasured possessions will be able to as well.

By: Noah Kling


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