First Impressions: The Monta Noble

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The Monta Noble was just released Monday, August 17th. It is not a limited edition, but it has a stated production run of only 200 pieces this year. What is a Monta Noble, and what are the obligations of nobility? (Yes, that’s a noblesse oblige reference for those keeping score at home). 

The Noble is Monta’s new sports-dress watch. It has similar dimensions to the Triumph field watch (38.5 mm diameter, 47 mm lug-to-lug, and 9.7 mm thickness). I say sports-dress since there are bits of both archetypes, with a little more sports influence than dress. 

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The non-Arabic dial is the biggest difference from existing Monta’s (e.g. Triumph). I like the design, and I bet I’m not alone. The Noble has a new double marker at 12 o clock, which brings some dress watch influence and provides orientation in the dark. The updated logo is subtle and attractive. I might not have caught it if not pointed out, but subtle change to an already great logo is a virtue in my book. 

The Noble’s dial color choices also befit a sports-dress watch: white and blue dégradé. The blue dégradé dial is a treat; the way it fades to black near the rehaut is distinct and unlike anything else in Monta’s lineup. The dial also illustrates an obvious downside to having the majority of your business direct through the internet: something like this is best experienced in person. I’d bet on the blue dial and chalk this up as another example of having to give up something (in-person experience with watch before the sale) to get something (a watch that can compete with the quality of far more expensive watches). 

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The Noble’s handset is new and cohesive to their design language for this watch. The hour and minute hand are fairly plain pointers and it works with the dial. One nitpick is that I love the arrow-inspired seconds hand on my Skyquest and I’d rather have something similar on the Noble. There’s just so many great thing about having an arrow on a watch. After all, tempus fugit and arrows fugit also, the arrow of time is a great physics concept describing the one way passage of time, etc. I’d love to see an arrow seconds hand, but this choice was likely done to provide additional distance from the other Monta watches. 

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The Noble case and bracelet has plenty of Monta goodness carried over from the rest of the family. The proto-onion crown on full display without crown guards; it is funky but formal enough. The new polished bezel is joined by the chamfering on the inside of the lugs and the sides of the bracelet links. (N.B. I’d love to see an Atlas with the polished bezel). The markers are let in to the rehaut, showing off a mastery of tolerancing and assembly. Let’s also reflect on the fact that this watch is sub 10mm thick with a display back, screw down crown, and has a tool-less microadjust bracelet. The fully articulated bracelet is a joy on my Skyquest and will be likewise on the Noble. 

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That being said, I’d love to see polished center links on the Noble’s bracelet. PCLs are a love or hate proposition but I think it would go great with the polished bezel and cause this watch to stand out more from the other small-cases Monta’s. I also think Monta should try to modify their fitted leather straps to make them compatible with the clasp, Everest-style. That would be a unique look and could be applied to the rest of the lineup as well. 

As of writing this, both dial colors of the Noble are available to preorder on website ( I really wanted one to be sold out, in part so I could state “If you’re reading this it’s too late” as a reference to Drake. He could be considered Toronto nobility, after all. 

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Toronto’s most famous resident aside, for $1600 you receive a nicely designed watch executed with great quality and attention to detail. Design is subjective to some extent; quality is not and Monta’s quality is a well known commodity. I see this as a compelling only watch, a companion to a sports watch, or part of a large collection. If you are interested in a sports-dress watch, you owe it to yourself to consider the Monta Noble.

By: Andrew Deck


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