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Founded in 2020

Zeitz is a new kind of watch website. Combining enthusiast bravado with the passion of seasoned collectors, our aim is to give you a one size fits all watch site.

We’ve seen all the sites out there when it comes to watches and we always came away wanting more. Something different from the run of the mill sites. Sure, news on newly released watches is great, but we wanted to combine that same anticipation with real world practicality. And that’s exactly what we are. Don’t look for some sugarcoated, cooker cutter review on watches. If we think they’re duds, we’re going to let you know. And if we think they’re the hottest thing since sliced bread, you bet we’re going to let you know that too. We’re honest people with a real passion for this stuff, and we want to convey that to you.

Founded in 2020 by Evan Spangler, Michael Spencer and Andrew Deck, Zeitz aims to showcase as wide of breadth of watches as we possibly can. From $200 Seikos to 100K Patek Philippes. If we can get the watch in the metal, you better believe we’re going to review it. From the start we’re here to focus on three main things; new releases, our personal reviews on the watches, and if possible, how these watches fair in the wild. That’s what this hobby is about and we aim to keep it that way.

So stay tuned for future announcements and new articles coming soon, because we’re excited to be able to give you down to earth honest reviews, because what more could you want? Also be sure to check out our sister affiliation, The Whiskey and Watches Podcast! Available on Apple and Spotify as well as Pandora.